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Strict® Sterile Saline Products

Sterile Saline Cleansing Wipe


Contents:Normal Saline (0.9%NaCl)
Non-woven size:65x30mm, 65x58mm, 8x4cm, 9x9cm, 10x6cm, 10x8cm, 15x12cm, 15x15cm
Packet size:5x5cm,6x6cm, 5x7.5cm,6x7.5cm, 6x8cm, 10x10cm
Packing: 100pcs/box

Sterile Saline Cleansing Tube


Sterile Saline Cleansing Tube: SC-207
Contents:Normal Saline (0.9%NaCl)
Specification:15ml, 20ml, 30ml
Packing: 50pcs/box

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